Hello! This is the super awesome lazy website for k6cha. We where a group of ham that liked to do VHF and up contests from the top of hills. We named ourselves the California Hilltoppers Association.

However, over time and some issues we've basically broken up. Currently I (Trevor) have a repeater on top of the Oakland hills, by the Caldecott Tunnel in Orinda, Ca. This repeater is on 52.680, -500khz pl 162.2. It likes to have issues because of the age of the hardware (GE Mastr II), and the lack of time/funds to properly maintain it.

It has good coverage of the bay area, and northern california. HT's work in Oakland, outside of that you'll need 25+ watts to get in. This is due to noise on 6M, and that the duplexer has high loss, and poor rejection (it's all at one site, not spread out).

If there are problems with the repeater, Please contact me at the e-mail address listed at QRZ. Make sure you say K6CHA in the subject, otherwise I may miss it.

Trevor KG6MDW